Manolis Anagnostakis

The Morning

In the morning
at 5
the dry
metallic echo
after the loaded trucks
that shattered the doors of sleep.
And the final "adieu" of the day before
and the final steps on the damp tiles
and your last letter
in the arithmetic notebook
from your childhood
like the grill on the small window
which slides up the parade of the morning's
joyous sun with perpendicular black lines.



Nice poem and a blog with beautiful poems. I like it

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Dalal said...

Hi Dr. Dimitris
I appreciate what you are doing here , thank you for inroducing us to the modern greek poetry

Im loking for a poem by Manolis Anagnostakis mentioned here :

The one he says in it :
" No , I won’t hold your hand. You will not steal the shape of my hand. ”

If you know the poem , please post it here ...


Σαν Φως said...

I love Manolis Anagnostakis.

MS Mahawar said...

Simply Awesome!