Nikos Tselepides

It Is Not Anything Else

It is not the sky or anything else
That' s to blame
If you let it be blue
It will turn bluer, it is not anything else
Than your bluest moments alone with me so far
A distant saxophone from another apartment
Three young girls playing hopscotch
And shades of moments from your teens by the sea

It is not the glistening water on your breasts
As you get out of the sea and climb the rocks
Nude, to my part of the beach
And the sun plays with the light on your golden wet hair
A couple of pine trees and some young birds
Know that summer will soon go

It is not your waist of a lioness and the weight
Of your breasts, nor the sound
Of your heavy breathing as you reach the top of the steps
And face the new-born world like a mermaid come from the deep
Gaze searching the distant shores and islands
Legs poised on the sharp grey rock slabs

It is not your scream "Take me apart if you wish
I am totally yours", nor your salty drops of perspiration
Running down your body to your ankles and to earth
I count my fortune with both hands and ten fingers
Each time I caress you, the waves are blue and electric
And will turn bluer and burn me when you give yourself

It is your voice on the phone, from ten thousand miles away
To hear you is to touch you, to touch you is to be
It is not anything too complex, it is merely we two, talking.

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