Chrishoula Demetrakakis

I Am Not Afraid

I am not afraid, of the fights
and the forfeit of my will,
but I am afraid ,for war to knife,
that turns the fire, around to me!

I am not afraid of revolution,
that lights! the darkness of my soul,
but I am afraid, of any violence ,
that ruins the lines, of all and most.

I am not afraid to be alive!
but I am afraid, to be content,
with my self and pass thought hide,
against the rules to life and death.

I am not afraid, the end of walking,
that show me where, I have to stay,
but I am afraid, if on my way,
forget, my lines and then, I bend!

I am not afraid, if any day,
I 'll loose the life and dreams to live,
but I am scared, a thousand times,
till then, to be, a dead ! in need!

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