Zacharoula Gaitanaki

Greek Landscapes

Landscapes of my country, full of Light and Color.
I keep in mind Memories, in my fistful some native soil.
I walk on your ways, my Greece, and gaze greedily
I lock you up inside me.
I get across the extremityof the end.
To see the Light of your Sun and to enjoy the Sunset.
On untrodden desert islands, my steps sound
joining seabirds's fate.
Landscape blue, greek, beloved places.
Seaworth ships, "Sophia", "Giorgis", "Merope".
The waters of your rivers, murmur songs.
Hymns, for you, my country, the nightingales whisper.
The humble wild flowers, that grow on your earth
scatter a soft fragrance, wayfarer, on your touch.
Basil and velvet, myrtles and lilies.
Evident expression of holiday on childlike hands.
I pass and I dream, I remember and I weep.
In my mind, Light and Colors I add up with generosity.
Spreads of earth of my country' monuments of History.
Human destiny's distinctive symbols.
Temples, burial vaults, ancient ornaments,
theatres, columns, stadiums.
Uncultivated fields and small villages empty...
Landscapes of my country, overloaded with Memories.
I balance on their moderation the rhymes of my pen.

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